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2020 Cricket PC GameFielder challenge is a Cricket game where you decide how to catch the ball . Teams can be selected from India Cricket Team, Pakistan Cricket team, South Africa, Australia team, Sri Lanka and England Cricket Team to build a challenge. Batting is almost Like Real Cricket 20 with the batsman hitting the ball in different speed and direction. You have to just use the mouse and move the mouse to control the wicket keeper’s gloves to catch the ball the ball and score runs much like the Cricket 19 game. But we can assure you that Cricket 2020 Game will keep you engaged for extended lengths of time.

EA Cricket 2020 Game
Fielder Challenge – Live Cricket Game 2020 – Best PC Cricket Game

This Cricket game is free and can be played on a PC or mobile or Laptop. You can mute the sound also from the top button. The number of balls per over will be displayed in the right corner and the screen will have guides to show you which direction the ball is coming so that you can catch accordingly. Fielder Challenge is one of the simple and best Cricket Game in 2019 and we have made in even better for this 2020 version of Cricket PC Game.

We are sure that this Ea Cricket game will keep you engrossed for hours. Please share the game to support us.

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