Box Size – Casual Simulation Game

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Box size is a game in which you need to make a box of the right size

Box size game screen
A casual simulation game

BOX SIZE is a casual simulation game, an immersive, easy to play arcade game where you just need to hold the mouse and increase the box size to fit the shape shown at the bottom. It’s a very simple, casual game that requires a lot of speed and attention. It helps enhance your mind and push it to new heights, while also allowing you to test yourself as you find unique, exciting game ideas and mechanics.

Test your skills and improve them

You will need to win every stage in order to get a point, and the higher the score, the better you will be. You can also compare your scores with the ones achieved by other people, as you try to improve and get better at the game. It’s a very innovative, interesting and rewarding idea that you will cherish and enjoy.

Intense game with Casual Simulation

BOX SIZE always keeps you on your toes, since it encourages you to push the boundaries and match the box size at the bottom. If you’re not accurate, then the game is over. The game encourages you to pay a lot of attention to the box size and requirement, and it will keep your memory focused all the time!


  • Intense, rewarding gameplay
  • Create a box with the ideal size
  • Best casual simulation game
  • Very easy to play, hard to master!

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