Circle Collector – Free Hyper Casual Game

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Circle Collector – is a game in which you need to collect colored balls avoiding collision with an obstacle.

Circle Collector - Free Hyper Casual Game
Circle Collector – Free Hyper Casual Game

CIRCLE COLLECTOR GAME is a really cool and free hyper casual game where you must collect colored balls by pressing one of the 3 colored balls at the bottom. The faster you play, the better. However, there’s a gray circle that floats over the collection units, and if you touch that as you play, it’s game over. The game is designed from the ground up to be very immersive, fun and full of rewarding ideas since you need to test new strategies.

How can you get a high score?

The main focus is to try and press one of the 3 buttons to collect all the balls that have the same color. However, as soon as you press one of the 3 buttons, the gray circle will come and if it touches any of the collected balls, you win. That means you always need to shift from one ball color to the other and continually do that for the highest score.

Intense and fun arcade game

When you play this free hyper casual game, you always want to test your reaction speed. The great thing is that you will always learn how to better react and reach a high score. Plus, you can also play with friends. Check out CIRCLE COLLECTOR GAME right now and have fun with a unique, fun twist on the ball collection genre.


  • Exciting ball collection game
  • Test and improve your reaction time
  • Free Hyper Casual Game
  • Addictive, yet simple concept

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