Gems Shot – Relaxing Game for Anxiety

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Gems Shot – is a game in which you need to fill in the empty spaces with crystals evading the red columns.

Gems Shot Game - relaxing game for anxiety

GEMS SHOT is one of the best relaxing games for anxiety where the main idea is to try and match ball colors on your own. The main focus is to move 2 sets of balls around, while one ball goes from one set to the other vertically. Try to match the same color to keep the ball rolling, otherwise you will win. GEMS SHOT is designed from the ground up to be very interesting and it can get very intense too.

How do you play this relaxing Game

  • When you start, you will have a set containing a blue and red ball for both the top and the bottom
  • One ball will go from one set to the other
  • In order to stay in the game, you need to make sure that the ball color matches the ball set that it touches
  • Every time the moving ball touches a ball set, it changes color.

Relaxing and fun gameplay for anxiety

As you play GEMS SHOT, you will always need to test your capabilities and ensure that you obtain the best results. It’s a game where strategy and fast speed are everything, and they have the potential to change things to the next level. We are sure you will find this game relaxing for anxiety and stress management.


  • Very interesting concept with unique gameplay
  • Fast paced, really easy to get into
  • It can get very addictive
  • Try to get the highest score!

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