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Action games

Slide Ball

Slide Ball is a game in which you need to control the ball and stay away from enemies for…
Green Dot Game

The Green Dot Game

Green Dot Game - a unique stress relief game for adults and students - play free online games at…
Blue Dot Game for Stress Relief

The Blue Dot Games

The Blue Dot Games is an Antistress app built with love - the best online stress relief game you…
Zen games - Colour Blocks Puzzle

Color Blocks Puzzle

Color Block Puzzle is an adult stress relief game designed with soothing colors and music.
Electric Power - Zen games

Electric Power

Connect all the wires from the battery to switch on every light. Click on a piece to rotate it.…
Flat Jumper 2

Flat Jumper 2

Flat Jumper is a game in which you need to jump on colored platforms and choose the desired color…
Figures fall

Figures Fall Game

Figures Fall is a game in which you should not let any figure fall. You will shoot them with…

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