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The Blue Dot Games is an Antistress app built with love to help you calm down and relax with simple, easy and fun games. Your search for the best stress relief games online ends here.

We have packaged ten beautifully addictive Blue Dots Game to help you fight anxiety and depression. Simply tap the Antistress button to pop up a random game. You can always choose your favourite dots game also. From easy to difficult, simple yet challenging the blue dots game is designed to help you relax and destress anytime you choose to play.

A variation of Dots Pong, Jumping Dots, Connecting and Matching dots will challenge your Brian, your Skills and Reflex across multiple levels. Also included is a calming Antistress background music to relax comfortably with this game. Take a break anytime you feel bored and try this stress relief app. The Game stores your high scores and is the most ideal Stress Relief app for relaxation.

Zen Games is complimentary to our Zen Lounge Music app for providing Online Stress relief Games. You can also try our other Puzzle and Dot games which are equally addictive and effective for relaxation, diversion and distraction .

The Blue Dot Games are the most effective stress relief game with a mix of skills and levels !

Blue Dots Game – 10 Stress Relief Online Games in 1 Bundle

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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