The Yellow Dot Game

Zen Games: The Yellow Dot Game – A Simple and Free casual game

User Rating: 2.5 ( 2 votes)

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The Yellow Dot Game is built with Love. A simple casual game of shooting yellow dots avoiding obstacles. Obstacles are different – some easy, some require patience, some strategy – they stand in the way between the dots.

This casual yet addictive puzzle game comes with 30 levels. And like our other games, The Yellow Dot Game comes with no score and no time limit. So sit back, relax and enjoy this challenging dots game for hours and cross one level after the other to explore more dots. We have added soothing music with this dots puzzle and we are sure you will like it.

Playing the casual game is easy: Simply touch to shoot the yellow dot avoiding the obstacles. You get three lives each time you try. 50 shots to the yellow dot to cross a level. You can shoot multiple dots by keeping the button pressed or simply shoot dots, one by one by tapping the pad. The right moment is important as the dots will waste if they hit the barriers.

You will find many free games on the internet but we bet you will never find a Free casual game like this one – with amazing colors and music.

A game of dots was never such addictive!

User Rating: 2.5 ( 2 votes)

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